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Tested: Lander Moab phone case


Outdoor put Lander’s Moab phone case to the test, to discover just how tough it actually is.

I’ve smashed more than a few phones in my time, but I’ve never cooked one.  However, Lander claims its new Moab climate control phone case with Thermoline technology and crush zones is made of super tough stuff, so it seemed like the right time.


Lander Moab iPhone case

If looks are anything to go by, the Lander Moab had me doubting its credentials, and not because it’s ugly. When I think heavy duty phone protection, I think bulky tradie-style phone cases, safe from being dropped from a Hard Yakka shorts pocket while the builder yells at an apprentice. The Lander Moab case on review was dark purple, with a sleek and simple modern design. It’s also available in black.


The Moab has Illumifind, reflective specks stitched through it which are designed to catch the light of your torch if you lose it in the dark. So I tossed my phone over my shoulder into my overgrown front garden at midnight. I shone a torch around, and found it, thankfully avoiding my housemate’s dog’s poop in the process. The reflection wasn't very noticeable, so I’m not sure how handy this feature is.


iPhone in freezer

As miserable as Melbourne is in August, it doesn’t snow. So I turned to the coldest place on hand – the kitchen freezer. The freezer was set to -18 degrees celsius, and the Thermoline technology is designed to protect your phone from -17.7 to 48.8 degrees celsius. The Moab kept the phone on for a few hours in the ice tray before the phone turned itself off. However it started up again quickly and all features worked.


It was a quiet Sunday evening, so I thought I’d do a little iPhone cooking. Apple advises to use its devices between zero and 35 degrees celsius. Thermoline technology is recommended for up to 48.8 degrees, so I pushed it a bit and turned the oven to 50 degrees, which in turn pushed the phone to its limits. It showed a temperature warning screen, and switched off temporarily, however it was back in action quickly.


Drops have to be the number one cause of phone deaths sweeping our nation today. The Lander Moab's crush zones are designed to add extra protection from impact. There was only one way to test it – by hurling the phone from the office’s first storey balcony a few times. Here is where the Moab shone. The case sustained a few grazes but the phone was untouched. I even bowled it down the road and jumped on it in heeled boots, and it withstood the punishment.


- Great protection from drops

- Sleek, modern style

- Textured, large buttons are great if wearing gloves

- Strap for extra security


- Only fits iPhone 6/6s/7 variants so no joy if you’re a Samsung user

- The jury’s out on the reflective stitching

- Thermoline technology was pushed to the limit at high temperatures

More info

RRP: $59.95


For more action from the Lander Moab phone case gear test, check out the video below...