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Lord Howe Island adventure guide


While diving on Lord Howe is incredible it’s far from the only thing the island has going for adventurers. So pack your hiking boots and your daypack and get ready for some exercise; this place is all about getting amongst the great outdoors.

- Hike Mount Gower. This 875m giant is the largest peak on the island, and takes around eight hours there and back to hike. With sheer cliffs and rope-assisted ascents, this climb isn’t for the faint-hearted, but the view from the top makes it all worthwhile.

Mount Gower

Mount Gower is an 875m behemoth that takes eight hours to climb. Picture credit: Luke Hanson

- Swim in the Herring Pools. Accessed at low tide from the rocky Old Gulch Beach in the north (itself a great spot to snorkel), these deep blue rock pools beg you to take the plunge.

- Catch a wave at Blinky or Ned’s Beach. In the right conditions the surf pumps on the western side of the island. The edge of cyclone we caught certainly made it so.

- Feed the fish at Ned’s Beach. The locals of all species are incredibly friendly on Lord Howe.

- Kayak to North Beach. Loan a kayak from Pro Dive, pack a snorkel and your lunch and head off. You’ll probably have North Beach all to yourself, if you don’t count the thousands of seabirds nesting nearby, that is.

- Hike Malabar Ridge and Kim’s Lookout. Twin peaks at the north of the island that offer breathtaking 360-degree views, including over the dramatic sea cliffs on the northern coastline and the Admiralty Islands beyond. Great diving at the Admiraties, too.

- Hike Goat House Cave. A good alternative to Mount Gower that doesn’t require a guide, Goat House Cave track takes you more than halfway up Mount Lidgbird. It’s hard yakka, but incredible views of the island and Balls Pyramid await.

- Go snorkelling at Old Settlement Beach. This protected cove is the perfect place to get up close and personal with a turtle, or to simply laze around and have a chilled out beach barbecue.


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