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Hang gliding world record for Aussie


Jon Durand has smashed two hang gliding world records.

Australian Jon Durand has set two new world records in one day, by hang gliding out and back across the Great Australian Bight.

The 32 year-old glider from Queensland covered a 300km, gliding 150km across the spectacular sheer cliff face of the Nullarbor National Park, gaining speeds of 72km/hr and returning to secure his first record.

Taking full advantage of the rare wind conditions, Jon then made his second record attempt, gliding with speeds of up to 90km/hour to smash another world record in the same day, as the fastest glider to ‘out-and-return’ covering 100km.

The previous records set at the same remote location 15 years ago was held by individual gliders from Australia and the Czech Republic.