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DIY gear repairs: Trailside repair kit


Many of the repairs detailed in this article can take place on the trail, at least in a temporary way. Having the right equipment for the job is essential and ensures your quick-fix will be reliable and get you home safely. A trail repair kit shouldn’t weigh you down. At around 100g, the essential items listed below should see you through some of the most common repairs.

Replacement buckles come in many sizes.

Replacement buckles

FixnZip will save you when a zip slider fails.


- Duct tape

- Zip ties

- Tent pole sheath

- FixnZip zipper repair tool.

- Replacement buckle and slick clip

- Gear repair tape or patches

- Seam Grip or similar adhesive

In addition to these, a pocketknife or multi-tool which is appropriate to the activities you are involved in will also come in handy.


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