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DIY gear repairs: Replacing tent pole shock cord


Shock cord is the elastic bungee cord which sits inside hiking tent poles and allows the poles to ‘snap’ together. Occasionally, this can break or get stretched, but replacing it is a simple and cheap repair.

Start by picking up some elastic shock cord from an outdoors supplier or hardware store. Use pliers to unscrew the end of the tent pole. Untie the knot in the existing shock cord and tie the new cord on to the old cord. Now connect your tent poles together to form their normal shape.

At the opposite end of the tent pole, again unscrew the end. Pull the old shock cord out through the pole. This process should also thread the new cord into the pole. Once you have reached the joining knot between the old and new cords, untie it. Cut the new cord to length, tie this onto the tent pole end and screw the end back in.

Tip: use a lighter to slightly melt the end of the cut you made in the shock cord to prevent fraying.

Replacing tent pole shock cord 2

Replacing tent pole shock cord 3

Replacing tent pole shock cord 4

Replacing tent pole shock cord 5

Repair cost

Shock cord: $13.95


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