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DIY gear repairs: Repairing insulated gear


A hole in an insulated jacket or sleeping bag is not an excuse to buy a new one, just patch it up and it should last you many more years.

Lay the patch on the flat surface and apply pressure

Repairing insulated gear 2

Seam Grip around the patch for durablity

Repairing insulated gear 3

Use a small brush to apply the Seam Grip

Repairing insulated gear 4

Start by laying the bag or jacket flat and clean the area surrounding the hole. Using gear repair tape, like Tenacious Tape, apply a patch over the hole, extending at least 10mm past the hole on all sides. Apply pressure to the patch for a few hours. For a long lasting repair, brush adhesive like Seam Grip around the patch.

Tip: if the hole has completely penetrated both the outer and inner layers of the insulated garment or bag, you can apply the repair patch to the outer layer from the inside. In doing so, you will reduce the visual effect of the repair patch. The inner will still need to be patched as described above.

Repair cost

Seam Grip: $19.95

Tenacious Tape or similar gear repair tape: $14.95


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