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DIY gear repairs: Patching tent holes


Like leaky seams, holes in your tent can let water in, or worse – creepy crawlies! Luckily, patching most holes is a relatively simple process.

1. Pick up some adhesive mesh patches

Adhesive mesh patches for patching tent holes

2. Carefully peel the backing off

Patching tent holes

3. Cover the entire hole

Patching tent holes

4. Press down on a flat surface

Patching tent holes

5. Cut repair tape to size

Cutting repair tape for patching tent holes

6. Glue around repair tape

Glue around repair tape to patch up tent hole

7. Patch the larger hole with repair tape

Patching tent holes

8. Use Seam Grip to patch the hole

Using Seam Grip to patch tent holes

Seam Grip or a similar adhesive can be used to patch small holes or pin pricks. Apply a thin layer, extending about 5-10mm beyond the hole and allow to dry overnight.

For bigger holes, you’ll need to apply a backing patch. This can be done with gear repair tape, like Tenacious Tape from Gear Aid. With the backing patch in place, use seam sealant over the patch and surrounding tent material to secure the patch in place long term and stop any annoying leaks.

If any of the mesh of the tent has a hole, gear repair tape or mesh patch kits can be applied to the hole. Make sure the mesh is on a flat surface and to extend the patch or tape well beyond the hole, to allow sufficient adhesion.

Tip: most tents come with some repair patches and glue. So before you chuck out the tent manual and assorted packaging, make sure you hang on to any repair items.

Repair cost

- Mesh patches: $8.95

- Seam Grip: $19.95

- Tenacious Tape or similar gear repair tape: $14.95


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