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DIY gear repairs: Patching holes in gore-tex


Gore-Tex is renowned for being waterproof and breathable. Unfortunately, the outdoors can be harsh on gear and even the best quality materials can suffer at the hands of Mother Nature, but patching small holes in Gore-Tex is a simple DIY repair.

Cut your patch big enough to cover the affected area

Patching holes in gore tex

Steam that bad boy in place

Patching holes in gore tex

Gore-Tex can be instantly repaired with specific Gore-Tex patches. Pick these up from your favourite outdoors store. Make sure the area around the hole is clean and dry first. Cut a patch to cover the affected area and be sure to make it big enough to extend at least 15mm around the hole or tear. Apply the adhesive patch over the hole and rub in a circular motion from the centre out.

For large holes, you may need a second patch on the inside of the garment to adhere to the back of the first patch and provide additional support. Run an iron on medium heat over the patch (for around 30 seconds) to provided additional durability.

Tip: When cutting patches, make sure you cut any corners so they are round. This will reduce the chances of future peeling.

Repair cost

Gore-Tex patches: $14.95


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